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For a basic variant of the grain-free bread we only need eggs, sunflower and linen seeds, apple fibre, sea salt and caraway.

Nutritional values per 100g: 

Energy value: 1008 kJ   205,3 kcal
Proteins: 14,16 g
Saccharides:  4,82g
Fats:  17,24 g
Fats/Proteins to saccharides ratio: 0,91:1


It follows that the values would match rather cheese or another proteinaceous food than bread. This is likeable mainly for athletes with its high amount of proteins or for ketogenic and parted food eaters being low on saccharides.

The bread can be used like any regular bread; for sandwiches, rusks, coctail snacks, toasts, with spread or sweetened with honey or jam, as well as croutons for a salad or with goulash.


We sell the bread unpacked and its best to store it packed only in a paper towel in a fridge to keep it „breathing“. If you know that you will not be able to eat it all at once, it is good to cut and freeze some part of it for later. As it contains no cereals, it won’t go dry and it will not taste like it was frozen at all. However if you leave it packed in plastic on your kitchen table even only for a day, it will probably become mouldy and its smell will be anything but alluring.

Where to buy?

Where to buy? In the present we are connecting with shops in Britain interested in receiving our products.

Cooperation with stores

Cooperation with stores – if you own a shop or perhaps a fitness center and you are interested in receiving our bread for your customers, please ask for more information about pricing and terms of delivery at:

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